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The following article is from www.tucsonlocalmedia.com from May 23 of this year.

It’s a brilliant time to purchase new or existing real estate in Pima County, according to experts within the industry. 

Ginger Kneup of Bright Future Real Estate Research is confident in the potential for the county as a whole, pointing to a 12 percent jump in homebuilding, from 1,025 to 1,150 new home permits in the region from January to April of this year over the same period a year ago. 

Kneup believes the steady growth spurt stems from the region’s ability to lure new businesses, such as Caterpillar, as well as the expansion at the Raytheon facilities as key to the development splurge. 

She also believes that the city and county have done a good job of addressing excess building regulations that have slowed such growth in the past. 

“I think that the local municipalities have realized that there’s a lot that they can do that doesn’t cost them any money,” she said. “Just streamlining the processes, time is money, so if it takes an extra six months to get a subdivision to market, then that’s a huge burden for the builder. Our road system has to be improved, our interior roads are problematic in terms of jobs.”

Others, like Southern Arizona Homebuilders Association President David Godlewski, believe the region’s good luck stems from having towns and the county agree on a linear path forward for growth. 

Godlewski pointed to the elimination of excess property and building taxes and removing excess regulations, in combination with putting money toward road/infrastructure improvements, as reasons for the turning of the building tide.

“I think it’s overly simple, but everybody’s got to row the boat in the same direction,” he said. “I think from the city, the county, the private sector, the supporting towns—everybody’s got to unite to help promote and sell the benefits of Southern Arizona for new companies.” 

Kneup said the region’s growth stems mostly from new home development, resulting from a lack of inventory for existing homes in and around Tucson. 

She said that politicians around town waited far too long to address the region’s crumbling infrastructure, which drove away potential employers—though there’s a turning of the tide in that category of late. 

“We’ve kind of put it on the sidelines and that’s kind of how we got into this position,” Kneup said. “But there seems to be a realization at all levels that we’ve got to change what we’re doing to move forward, and that economic growth depends on these issues.”

For Godlewski, the road to eliminating excess regulation and obstacles for doing business has been long, though there have been positive steps towards creating a proactive climate for builders and potential residents alike. 

He wants to see more collaboration between the municipalities of Southern Arizona and the County Board of Supervisors on infrastructure and home building but thinks that both sides have taken steps towards progress on the subject. 

“I think there has been some progress, but I do think there’s some room to improve,” Godlewski said. “And I’d like to think that we’re going to work together to make progress, to make things better.”

The 12 percent jump in new home sales trails the national standard of 17 percent, collected by the U.S. Census Bureau between March 2017 and 2018. 

The average price for a home in Tucson has risen 10 percent over the last two years, according to data collected from the National Association of Realtors—from $168,909 in February, 2015 to $189,000 in February of this year. 

Godlewski doesn’t expect the region’s recent fortunes to turn anytime soon, thanks to continued development in and around Tucson. 

He believes the rate of growth might not be as explosive as in the past, but that this round of growth has the potential to be longer lasting and more complete than past surges. 

“I definitely think the momentum’s going to continue. I think on the new construction side it’s going to be a slow but steady increase year over year,” he said. “One of the other big factors in the performance is going to be our region’s ability to continue to attract new companies and to attract other companies to come to the area. Regarding Raytheon, we’ve had some new announcements, but they’re few and far between, and that’ll pick things up even further.”

Godlewski believes the slower, more sustained growth in the real estate market buoys confidence in the area, allowing the market to overcome obstacles that have been problematic in the past. 

“I think people are more confident in their economic situation, and the economic forecast for Southern Arizona is brighter than it has been,” he said. “So, people are more interested in moving and things like that, so the housing side certainly benefits from that.” 

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Pathway to Purchase

Great news Arizona homebuyers!!  There is a new down payment assistance program coming out called Pathway to Purchase.  As the cost of basically everything continues to rise, the task of saving money for a down payment becomes more and more difficult.  So if you are a first time home buyer, or looking to upgrade your home, this is the perfect "pathway to purchase".

This program offers up to to 10% of the loan amount of the home, not to exceed $20,000 towards your down payment on homes up to $371,936, interest free!!  The program is available in 17 Arizona cities, including certain zip codes in Tucson, Sahuarita and Sierra Vista.  This is not a First Time Home Buyers program, so if you have owned a home before, you can qualify!  You do need to meet a minimum FICO score and other conventional guideline requirements.  

For more information on this new incredible program, please contact me today!!  There is a limited amount of funds in this program so now is the time to act!!


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Tucson Lifestyle

Why is living in Tucson so great?  Well, first off there are more than 300 days of sunshine every year.  That alone would be enough for me, but there is so much more!  Hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, running, star watching, great food, shows, a fresh downtown scene.  Tucson is also home to the University of Arizona, one of the top colleges in America.  We have a number of national parks, including Saguaro National Monument and Catalina State Park.  Tucson is regularly near the top of lists as of the most affordable large cities in America. 

Tucson, lots of sunshine, a lot to do, and very affordable!!  Are you ready to move here?  Call me!

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Do I Need a Realtor? YES!!

You've done it!  You have made the decision to buy or sell a home.  For nearly all of us, this will be the biggest financial decision we will ever make. 

Now what?  If you were selling your home, would you know how to price it?  How would you market it?  If you were house shopping, would you know the climate of the market?  What is a fair price?  These are just some of the things that a Realtor can help you with, among many others.  The home buying/selling process can be a lengthy, stressful one, so working with a professional can make that process much easier and a lot less stressful for you.

Here are a few other reasons that hiring a Realtor will be in your best interest.  

1.  Market knowledge.  Realtors spend a lot of time researching the current market conditions.  Is it a buyer's market?  Seller's market?  Your Realtor will know what a good offer on a home will be, or what a good price to set your home at if you are selling.

2.  Contract Negotiation.  If you were selling your home without a Realtor and you received an offer, would you know what you are looking at?  Could the buyers (who are represented by a Realtor) be trying to get one over on me?  Realtors will walk you through the process of making an offer, receiving offers, making counter offers, negotiating closing costs, etc.  These forms are all lengthy and having the help of a licensed professional makes the entire process much easier.

3.  Search Power.  You would think with all of the real estate sites and apps that are out there now that you would have access to all of the listings that are out there, right?  Wrong!  Realtors have access to sites that you do not, as well as access to other agent's listings that have not hit the active market yet.  Your Realtor will get the scoop on those hidden gems that you were not privy to!

4.  Connections.  Your Realtor will be very well connected, thats what we do!  We are constantly meeting new people and trying to network, plus every other agent we work with also has a list of clients they are trying to find homes for.  When you list your home with a Realtor (me!) , your home can be seen by so many more eyes than if you attempt to sell it yourself.

The cost of hiring a Realtor to help you through this process is well worth it.  You want this process, which again is your biggest purchase, to be a memorable one, and in a good way.  My mission is to create positive memories.  I will be here with you every step of the way and ensure that you are very well taken care of.....because you deserve it.

What is the first step in home buying?

Get pre-qualified!


When making an offer on a home you want to have the upper hand in negotiating. Ensuring that you have been pre-qualified for maximum home buying power will allow you to be confident in your ability to make an offer on your dream home.  It will also show the seller that you are prepared and they do not need to worry about your ability to afford the home.

The best loan officer in Tucson is Tom Heath and his team at Nova Home Loans.  They are knowledgable and efficient and will, no doubt, get you into the best possible loan for your needs. They are not only great at what they do, but they are involved in our community and give back in many ways.  I wouldn't recommend just anyone.  I want your trust and confidence.  And for that reason, I will only point you in the direction of someone that I KNOW will take good care of you.  Give Tom a call, you'll be happy you did.