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Do I Need a Realtor? YES!!

You've done it!  You have made the decision to buy or sell a home.  For nearly all of us, this will be the biggest financial decision we will ever make. 

Now what?  If you were selling your home, would you know how to price it?  How would you market it?  If you were house shopping, would you know the climate of the market?  What is a fair price?  These are just some of the things that a Realtor can help you with, among many others.  The home buying/selling process can be a lengthy, stressful one, so working with a professional can make that process much easier and a lot less stressful for you.

Here are a few other reasons that hiring a Realtor will be in your best interest.  

1.  Market knowledge.  Realtors spend a lot of time researching the current market conditions.  Is it a buyer's market?  Seller's market?  Your Realtor will know what a good offer on a home will be, or what a good price to set your home at if you are selling.

2.  Contract Negotiation.  If you were selling your home without a Realtor and you received an offer, would you know what you are looking at?  Could the buyers (who are represented by a Realtor) be trying to get one over on me?  Realtors will walk you through the process of making an offer, receiving offers, making counter offers, negotiating closing costs, etc.  These forms are all lengthy and having the help of a licensed professional makes the entire process much easier.

3.  Search Power.  You would think with all of the real estate sites and apps that are out there now that you would have access to all of the listings that are out there, right?  Wrong!  Realtors have access to sites that you do not, as well as access to other agent's listings that have not hit the active market yet.  Your Realtor will get the scoop on those hidden gems that you were not privy to!

4.  Connections.  Your Realtor will be very well connected, thats what we do!  We are constantly meeting new people and trying to network, plus every other agent we work with also has a list of clients they are trying to find homes for.  When you list your home with a Realtor (me!) , your home can be seen by so many more eyes than if you attempt to sell it yourself.

The cost of hiring a Realtor to help you through this process is well worth it.  You want this process, which again is your biggest purchase, to be a memorable one, and in a good way.  My mission is to create positive memories.  I will be here with you every step of the way and ensure that you are very well taken care of.....because you deserve it.